60th Annual Conference of the Estonian National Museum


The conference will take place in the Estonian National Museum, located in the Tartu, in Raadi area, in 2 kilometers distance of the city centre.

The Estonian National Museum (ERM) new building was opened in October 2016, designed by the Paris-based architecture firm, DGT Architects.
More information on museum history and location: 1, 2, 3, 4

Museum has 6000 square metres of exhibition space. Most of the exhibition space is dedicated to the permanent exhibition Encounters, expanding upon Estonian cultural history and everyday life and stretching out on a timeline from the present day to the Ice Age.
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The second biggest permanent exhibition is Echo of the Urals, providing insight into the lives of the different people speaking Finno-Ugric languages and inhabiting the northern parts of this corner of the world. The exhibition takes visitors through four different seasons, introducing people related to Estonians.
More information: 1, 2