Post-Conference Tour in Tallinn museums
Tallinn museums

Conference travels are supported by European Union European Regional Development Fund and Enterprise Estonia.

Sunday, 10.11.2109
Preliminary programme

9:00 The bus will leave from Tartu to Tallinn
9:00 Bus stop for Hotel Dorpat and Hotel Tartu
9:10 Bus stop for Centre
Choose the busses for Selection 1 and Selection 2!

Selection 1:
12:00 Seaplane Harbour (Estonian Maritime Museum)
13:30-14:30 Lunch in Seaplane Harbour
Back in bus 14:30
15:00 Kumu (Estonian Art Museum)
Back in bus 16:30

Selection 2:
12:00 Estonian History Museum
13:45 Lunch in Estonian History Museum
14:40 Estonian Film Museum
Back in bus 16:30

Accommodation to hotels: Bus stops at Hotel St. Barbara, Tallink City Hotel, Metropol Hotel