Bus has sign OleRai


ICOM ICME conference bus drives every morning and evening from hotels to the conference venue and back.

Tuesday 9.10, Wednesday 10.10, Friday 12.10

9:00 Bus stop for Hector Hostel
Bus will take you in the bus station across the street „Pauluse“

Bus stops here for Hektor Hostel
9:05 Bus stop for Hotel Dorpat and Hotel Tartu
Bus stops in a parking lot between the Hotels Dorpat and Tartu

9:15 Bus stop for Centre
Bus stops at the riverbank side of the Town Hall Square, nearby the bus stop „Vabaduse“

Thursday 11.10
8:30 Bus stop at Hector Hostel
8:35 Bus stop at Hotel Dorpat and Tartu
8:45 Bus stop at Centre


Tuesday 9.10
Bus stops here for Hotels Tartu and Dorpat

22:00 Museum parking lot

Wednesday 10.10
18:00 Museum parking lot

Friday 12.10
22:00 Museum parking lot

Bus stops here for Centre