During the conference trips to Estonia-Russia border areas, with rich historical and cultural background by the lake Peipsi: Setomaa region and Peipsimaa. (detailed program and cost will be announced)

Post-conference tour in Tallinn: 13.10. (detailed program and cost will be announced)
https://www.visitestonia.com/en/what-to-see-do/history-culture/museums-galleries , organised by ICOM Estonia.
Post-conference tour in Helsinki: 14-15.10. (detailed program and cost will be announced)
https://www.helsinki.com/v/museums/, organised by ICOM Finland.
  • The bus will leave on 14.10 morning from Tallinn to Helsinki (by boat) and back in the evening of 15.10 from Helsinki to Tallinn
  • The program includes visits to National Museum of Finland (exhibitions, collections), Helinä Rautavaara Museum, Helsinki City Museum and other sites.
  • The Helsinki tour fee includes admission to various museums and tours, bus and boat travel from Tallinn-Helsinki-Tallinn, lunches on 14.10 and 15.10, dinner on 15.10 on boat.

  • Optional sauna evening on 14.10 (calculations separately)